Vietnamese fried sweet potato cake


In Vietnam, this recipe is so popular and easy that none of us have to measure the ingredients.

Therefore, when I measured flour and water for this recipe my mom got a “seriously?”- face. >:P

Sometimes, we use sliced sweet banana instead of sweet potato.

I had lots of fun time with my mom, my friend, my ‘everything’ while cooking this cake.

.  Have fun!

  1. I.                   Ingredients:
  • Sweet potato: 4-5 bulbs
  • 350 ml water
  • 250 gr all purpose flour
  • 60-80 gr sugar
  • Oil
  1. II.                Method:


  • Wash and peel the sweet potato carefully
  • Grate sweet potatoes or simply slice them
  • DSC_0014
  • Mix flour and sugar in a big bowl.
  • Make a “volcano” in the bowl of flour. Pour water in. Mix well.
  • Mix grated sweet potatoes with flour texture.
  • DSC_0006
  • Add about an inch of oil in a shallow pan or pot and heat up
  • Add a pile of the sweet potato mixture onto a ladle.
  • DSC_0008
  • Slip the sweet potato batter and shrimp onto the hot oil.
  • When the underside is nice and golden (this is very quick, maybe a minute), flip the cake over.
  • DSC_0015
  • Remove when the other side is cooked.
  • Drain on paper towel.
  • Note: For more choices you can use husked corn, slice well ripe banana instead of sweet potato.

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